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Last updated: 03-29-2020

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15 Minute Lunchtime Yoga Sequence - Yogamatters Blog

With many of us a cooped up at home, working from our spare bedrooms and living-rooms, trying to make the best of this new normal, it is so important that we remember to move our bodies and take care of our minds. It is easy to get stuck into tasks and spend a whole day in front of your screen, but even a short 15 minute lunchtime yoga sequence can help you feel energised and clear your mind to get on with your daily tasks and work. You don’t need any props to do this short flow, just a small space in your home and roll out your mat if you have one.

Start standing with your feet together at the top of your mat. Inhale and reach your arms up, and exhale to fold forward. Try and get your belly to meet the top of your thighs without curving your spine and bend your knees if you need to. Relax your neck and let your head hang. 

From your forward fold, plant your palms, exhale and walk your feet back to a down dog. Spread your fingers wide and reach your sit bones upwards. Keep a bend in your knees if you feel your spine and shoulders rounding. Drive your heels down towards the mat. Stay here for 3 breaths. 

On an inhale reach your right leg up high. 

On an exhale tuck your knee in towards your chest and shift forwards to a high plank so the shoulders arrive over wrists. Inhale and reach your leg back up. Repeat motion 3 and 4 five times without planting your foot back on the mat. Exhale as you come forward and inhale to bring the leg back to the sky each time. 

The last time you shift forwards to your high plank and tuck your knee towards your chest in motion 4 come all the way forwards and place your right foot down in between your palms. Make sure that your knee stays in line with your ankle and try to keep the back leg engaged and straight by pushing the heel back and straightening the knees. Keep your left palm planted and on an inhale reach your right arm up, twisting your torso, opening up the chest and drawing a straight line from the left hand to the right. Stay here for 5 breaths. On an exhale plant you right hand down on the mat.  

Still keeping your right knee above your ankle and your back leg active, engage your core and on an inhale reach your arms up to a crescent lunge. Keep your hips squared, tailbone long and arms straight. Stay here for 5 breaths. 

From your crescent lunge exhale and place your hands on your hips and straighten your front leg. Turn both feet towards one side of your mat and so that your toes and pointing slightly out, you are facing the side, and your legs are straight. Inhale and reach your arms up, and on your exhale lower your seat to your Goddess pose. Make sure your knees are in line with your toes. From your Goddess pose you can play with your hand and upper body movements, a mudra can be really nice here.

Or stretching from side to side. 

Or maybe even folding forward. Get creative here, but make sure you keep your legs and lower body in the Goddess pose, with your seat low and legs active. Stay in your Goddess variation for 5 breaths. 

From your Goddess pose inhale and come back up to a standing position. Heal-toe your feet a bit further apart. Inhale here and on an exhale bend your right knee and lower your seat towards the right. Use your hands to support yourself or try balancing and moving with your hands pressed together at your heart center. On an inhale come back up to standing and on the next exhale bend your left knee and lower your seat towards the left. Repeat this motion from side to side, moving with your breath, 10 times (5 on each side). 

Coming back up to standing from your side lunge, step your feet together towards the front of your mat and come back into your forward fold. Repeat the whole flow on the other side. 

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