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Last updated: 03-29-2020

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Can't Sleep? Try These 5 Yoga Poses | health is wellth

Benefits: This yoga posture helps to stretch the hips, thighs, and ankles while also reducing stress and fatigue. It gently relaxes the muscles on the front of the body while softly and passively stretching the muscles of the back torso from the shoulders to the tailbone.

How to: Kneel on the bed and bring your big toes together. Separate your knees hips width apart. Exhale and sink your torso onto your thighs. Reach your hands forward with palms down. Bring your head towards the bed. Take slow and steady breaths through your nose.

Benefits: This posture slows down the heart rate while simultaneously decreasing muscle tension. It also reduces anxiety, nervous tension, and stress. It increases the range of external rotation in the hips. You will feel the gentle stretch in your inner thighs, groin, and hips. 

How to: Lie down on the bed and bring the soles of feet together. Allow the knees to relax away from each other. Place pillows underneath the knees to support your hips. For tight hips, move the feet further away from the tailbone. Add more pillows under the knees for additional support.

Benefits: This yoga posture stretches the back muscles and glutes. It massages the back, hips, and abdominal organs. It lengthens, relaxes, and realigns the spine, which helps to hydrate the spinal disks. This pose also strengthens the abdominal muscles.

How to: Lie back on the bed. Bring both knees into the chest and begin to lightly rock back and forth. Bring the arms out into cactus (with the elbows at a right angle resting on the bed) and let the knees fall over to one side. Keep both knees bent or straighten the bottom leg. Shift the eye gaze to the side opposite your knees. Take this pose on both sides.

Benefits: This forward fold posture provides a deep stretch to the entire back of the body from the heels to the neck. It calms the nervous system.

How to: Sit up tall with your legs out in front of you. Pull the naval in towards your spine. Reach the arms up and slowly bend forward at your waist. Reach the arms in front of you towards the feet. Drop your chin towards the knees. Hold for a few slow, deep breaths, and then release.

Benefits: This posture relaxes your whole body. It releases stress, fatigue, and tension. It also improves concentration, cures insomnia, relaxes your muscles, and calms the mind.

How to: Lie back on the bed. Exhale and stretch your legs out while keeping your tailbone grounded on the bed. Relax the feet away from each other. Soften the shoulders down and release tension from the lower back. Relax the arms at your sides, palms facing upward. Follow a normal breathing pattern.

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