Seriously? COVID-19 Weight Loss Tips? Can't Be Real - ConscienHealth

Last updated: 04-07-2020

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Seriously? COVID-19 Weight Loss Tips? Can't Be Real - ConscienHealth

Cease and desist. That’s our reaction to a rise of inane headlines about how to lose weight in the midst of a public health crisis. Smelling the potential for great clickbait, one reporter reached out to an expert in obesity, asking: Do we have a fatdemic coming our way? The DietDoctor offers up Six Tips for Low-Carb COVID-19 Preparedness. Seriously, what the world needs now is definitely not COVID-19 weight loss tips. Knock it off.

We’re in survival mode here. The last thing we need is to add in ill-informed consumer tips for fad diets during a stay-at-home order. What we need is a sense of normalcy. Not another bogus, unsustainable diet. And most of all, we don’t need more urban legends.

Our friend Christine Rosenbloom tells us that she’s starting to see frivolous speculation about the COVID Nineteen – some kind of perverse mutation of the freshman fifteen cliché. Please, folks, let’s not do this. Neither sensationalism nor trivialization is helpful when we’re dealing with health. If you want to have fun, let’s shift toward making good health and nutrition fun. Not making fun of a problem we face.

Bear in mind that diets – with a purely short-term weight-loss focus – have limited value. Weight loss is a sprint, but defeating obesity is a marathon. That’s because weight is just an artifact of the largely metabolic disease that obesity is. Obesity is all about adipose tissue that harms one’s health. It’s not a choice. It’s a metabolic condition that occurs when processes regulating that tissue aren’t working right.

Dietary changes can help, but short-term diets don’t cure a chronic disease. A healthier diet for the long term can help. Finding healthier patterns of living can help. And those healthy patterns for living are especially important when our lives have been turned upside down by a nasty virus.

We all need to find a new normal that works for good health. So please, reject diet hype and weight loss sensationalism. Don’t read it. Don’t write it. Embrace life.

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