Can a Gluten-Free Diet Help You Lose Weight? - Real Food for Life

Last updated: 03-26-2020

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Can a Gluten-Free Diet Help You Lose Weight? - Real Food for Life

The gluten-free diet to help lose weight has become very popular with celebrities worldwide.  They are raving about the many weight loss benefits of a gluten-free diet, but does it really work?

Oprah Winfrey, Miley Cyrus and diagnosed celiac Elisabeth Hasselbeck all said they lost weight going gluten-free. Victoria Beckham, Gwyneth Paltrow, Jenny McCarthy, Kim Kardashian and Emmy Rossum have also joined the crowd.

BUT….. there is no real research validating that people will lose weight eating this way. In fact, there are studies showing going gluten-free has no effect on weight loss.

Mayo Clinic’s gluten expert, Joseph Murray MD says there is no evidence that a GF diet will affect weight loss.  The study conducted on celiac patients on a GF diet found some gained weight, some lost weight, and some did not change. AM J CLIN NUTR 79: 669, 2004 SOURCE: NUTRITION ACTION. JAN/FEB 2013. GUT MYTHS

BUT …… what I have seen and what our testing shows is that most people are not doing well with gluten in their diet and are sensitive to gluten.

Gluten protein is difficult for many people to digest, often passing through the stomach undigested.  This undigested gluten then enters the small intestine and irritates the intestines wall, causing inflammation and other problems.  Irritated intestines will leak undigested foods and toxins into the blood and lymph on the outside of the intestinal wall.

Fact: 3 million people in the United States (adults and children) haveceliac disease. – U.S. National Institute of Health estimates. There is no treatment for celiac disease. The only thing to do is a gluten-free diet which eliminates most of the symptoms. Goldie Hawn and Juliette Lewis are just a few celebrities who have Celiac’s disease.

Going gluten-free isn’t easy.  Gluten is a protein found in many foods not just in wheat products, it is in other grains, beers, imitation meats and even things like soy sauce, pickles and hot dogs.

They eat less starchy foods that are full of gluten.  All that bread, pasta, pizza, bagels, muffins, cakes and many snack foods do not work for a gluten-free diet.  Guess what?  They lose weight. Anyone would lose weight eliminating all those carbohydrates and unhealthy foods.

So what do they eat?  They eat more veggies and lean meat, which may also be responsible for weight loss.

BUT…. those gluten-free pieces of bread, cookies, cakes and cereals are usually higher in calories than the wheat based products.  They are filled with starchy ingredients such as tapioca starch, potato starch, or corn starch and even lots of sugar to make them taste good.

Why Is a Gluten-Free Diet So Expensive…and Fattening?

Some smart innovative people make their own gluten-free substitutes.

Unfortunately….. most of the gluten-free recipe books and the ones online have the same problem.  They are full of starch and even sugar!

Store bought, and home-made gluten-free goodies taste so good that it is easy to eat lots and lots. There are so many other Dangers of Common Gluten Free Products.

Stop buying your gluten-free products at supermarkets or even health food stores and making them with those unhealthy starches.

Make your own food with whole grains. Ok, that is not easy because as I said most gluten recipes have 30% to 70% starch!  I have spent years creating healthy meals and yummy baking free of gluten.

Best to make your diet based your diet on fresh vegetables, nuts, fruit and whole gluten-free grains. Here is me talking in an interview about how to start.

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